Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fake It Til Ya Make It...

My dear friends...the title only applies to certain areas of life lol. 
There is one area where you should absolutely never ever apply the title.  But that's another blog :)  I know some of the people who read here would hate if I wrote a blog on why you're only cheating yourself if you fake it in certain areas of your life lol. ;)  So, I won't. 

My meaning for the title today is that sometimes there isn't room in your life to walk around crying.  Even though it's what you really wish you could do.  Even though you feel like it's all you're going to be able to do.  Sometimes you just have to knock it off and do what needs to be done.  And sometimes, by plastering that smile on your face for everyone else around you, it can actually improve your mood. 

Until the wrong song comes on the radio. ;)

Some other things that might help you through this kind of situation are...
Waterproof mascara, for those moments you can steal in the bathroom or the car to shed a few tears.  Men, you're so lucky lol.
Tissues.  You probably have some anyway, all of the freakin' flu!!
Talk radio!  Or, if you are lucky enough to have Sirius or smart enough to download the right stuff...COMEDY.  Just stay the hell away from the country channel because even if you're not a fan...if you're on the verge of tears, you're going to cry. 
Busywork!  Like writing a blog lol.  Something that keeps the brain busy for're going to space out if you're folding towels or mopping the floor.

When you can finally steal a moment to get it all it right!!  You'll feel so much better.  This should help:

♥Love him♥

Until then...some of us in the world recognize your plastered on smile.  Some of you might recognize mine when it's there.  Everybuddy has days like this.  Yes, even adorable comedian guys who have lots of money.  Even that person who seems like the strongest person in the world to you, sometimes needs to just let it all out.  Some people don't know how...they turn to drugs or violence to release their pain instead...when in all truth, it just makes the pain greater...but that's another blog as well. ;)

I challenge you all to cry.  You're not a baby.  Or a psycho.  You're a human being.  Don't be afraid of your emotions.  If violence is your way, please at least get a punching bag.  I have one hanging in my back yard and I won't say I've never taken my frustrations out there.  But I always end up crying when I'm mad anyway lol.  Nothing like being in the middle of an argument and just breaking the hell down because you're so mad...when you're me, all the emotions end in tears.  Good, bad or ugly.  I'm ok with that.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm this way.  I cry over movies, songs, commercials, the news, books, my kids making me proud...etc, etc, etc!!  I don't usually hide it, and oftentimes, I can't.  I'm not ashamed of my emotions though.  Any of them.  When I love you, I love you and that's it.  When I don't...well, that's it too.  I won't make excuses for that any more than I'll make excuses for my tears.  But there are still some times when tears are not appropriate, especially when you're about to have a Weep-a-thon.  And it is to those times which I dedicate this blog. 
If you're afraid to cry, I suggest the shower.  Then, even you don't know that those are tears on your's just the shower, after all.  :)  If you can't cry...get at me, I have movies and songs to suggest lol.  If you want to cry, but need a shoulder, I'm here for you!  You can reach me at and we'll go from there.  Guess what?  That's another thing that can help you in the faking it 'til ya make it thing...helping someone else.  So, if you think you'd be burdening me by crying on my shoulder, you're dead wrong. 

Rest assured, I'll get my Dane Cook moment. 
Until then...
*Plasters smile back on*
I have stuff to do.

Hugs n things,

P. S. if this made no sense to you, I apologize.  It makes sense to me and it was something I needed to do. ;) ♥ Thanks for reading. ♥♥


Steven said...


Kim Lobley said...

*hugs you back*
So glad you're here. ♥

Victoria said...

This is such a great blog. Hugs to you. I'm a very emotional person too and it's nice to hear that someone goes through the same emotions as me. :)

Kim Lobley said...

Ohai, Victoria! ♥
Thanks for coming here! I am glad you enjoyed the blog, I am hugely emotional lol. I'm glad to know I'm not alone too! :D