Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Only Words I Could Find...

Now I lay me
down to sleep

Instead I just
lay and weep

Too many thoughts
too much to feel

Sometimes life
seems so unreal

Just like a dream
good or bad

But real enough
to make me sad

Cannot explain
cannot describe

Cannot make you
feel my vibe

used to it

Doesn't mean
I like this shit

Trapped in my head
screaming loud

Sorry I couldn't
make you proud

I am me
and you are you

I cannot figure out
what to do

So lost and lonely
hurt and scared

Especially when
my soul is bared...

What the hell man
what's going on?

My comprehension
is all gone

How to pick
which path to travel

The wind smoothed sand
or the rock hard gravel

No idea which one
is best

I cannot believe
I'm taking this test

I didn't want it

I already took one
to be together

Hard, it was
but still I did it

Now I feel
like I can't
win it

No matter what
no matter the choice

Oh shit, I just
screamed out my voice...

It's gone, I have nothing
left to say

I guess I'll find
some other way...

To explain, express
and yes, to scream...

Please tell me this
is just a dream...