Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yep, I Did It :)

So, some of my friends have been "missing my blogs" (their words, not mine lol) and asking why I don't blog anymore.

I used to blog (sporadically) over on MySpace.  Once I discovered Facebook, I didn't like MySpace anymore, the only thing I missed was the blogging.  I haven't really even thought about setting up a new blog because we had a great "community" over there, and half of the fun of blogging for me was the interaction with the people who read my blogs!  It didn't matter if they agreed with everything I had to say or not, it was fun and it is a really good outlet for me, just writing down what's going on in my mind.  It isn't always pretty, but it's always honest.

So, I figured I'd go ahead and jump and make a blog over here.  I hope it lasts lol. 

I am writing a book and sometimes I do need a place to let off steam, even if my time would be better spent working on the story than writing pointless babble, I sometimes need a break!! 

I don't usually write about anything in particular.  Just the adventures of a stay at home mom of three.  I also have a hubby, my 20 year old nephew, my (almost) 16 year old niece, two dogs, two birds and a fish who live with me.  It is rarely quiet around here and never spotless.  But it's mine and I love it! 

I'm often moody and probably bi-polar (lol) and sometimes my thoughts are pretty dark.  But I never quit looking for the ray of sunshine in that darkness.  I hope I can bring a few smiles or at least some sense of understanding to anyone who reads anything I may write. 

Maybe I can learn something about myself along the way.  Maybe I can meet new and amazing people and all thoughts of MySpace and past blogging fun there will be just a distant memory that makes me smile, instead of something that still makes me kinda sad lol.  :) 

If you're reading this, I welcome you to click the little subscribe button or whatever it's called here, and hang out awhile!

Love and Light,


Kim Lobley said...

Let's see if the comments work now?! Steve, thanks for the heads up that they were broken!! xoxo