Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Blog While Smiling ☺

Lately, I have felt more settled in my soul. 
I don't know what it is.
I'm not complaining.

I still have conflicts.

I still think I could look better,
which nobody but me can make happen.
Big dose of getoffamyass haha. 
My mind is getting my body ready for this,
I think lol...
Time for an overhaul. ☺

But,'s been a little nicer. ☺☻

Recently at my house:

*My kids learned how to play poker.
They've been playing on and off all weekend.
With pennies, nickles, dimes and quarters.
My husband wrote a little piece of paper for my niece, a list of the hands, what's what and what beats what.  It was cute.  I've not sat down to play with them, yet...but I hear my oldest son is pretty good.  He just told me, "Come on, Mom...I want to see what kind of player you are!"  I can tell at least one thing that the rest of my evening has in store for me.  :)  ♥

*My husband lost his wedding ring at work.  I wasn't as devestated as I thought I'd be.  He was.  Picking out a new one was fun (expensive!!!!), and it was a beautiful feeling inside of me to know that I love having him wear a wedding ring that matches mine, even more than I did when I first put it on his finger almost nine years ago.  Eleven years of togetherness, and I still feel so lucky. ♥  And, no, it never ever crossed my mind that he lost it, having sex with some random chick in a motel room lol.  Yeah, people suggested that.  They can kiss my ass.  I wish them trust in their future relationships.   
*A conversation that I smilingly overheard earlier:

Setting: My dining room table
Cast: Tyler-21; Ashley-16; Adam-10; Aidan-6; Erin-4
Props: One giant bag of some pretty ghetto ass animal crackers from Wal-Mart, which the kids (and the dogs) really like for some reason.  I think they taste like cardboard, and, upon biting into one, promptly spit it out. :)

The conversation:
"What the heck kind of animal IS this?"
"I think that one is some kind of Mountain Goat."
"This one looks like Raikou!!" (Raikou is a Pokemon, if you're unaware.)
"I think this one is a Tapir."
"No, this one's a Tapir..."
"You said that one was a Mountain Goat!!"
"Somebody ate the Mountain Goat, I said THIS one was a Tapir"
"I think this one's a Camel, but this one looks like a kitty."
"No, that one's Raikou."
"Nope, that's the Mountain Goat"
om nom nom nom

Me, missing the circus animal ones that came in a circus train box.  But smiling my face off.  It's the simple things. :) ♥

Now, it's pseudo-Spring Break for me, starting tomorrow.  It's only kinda Spring Break because my daughter still has school for one week, and then I get one week of REAL Spring Break. :)  She doesn't go to school until the afternoon though, so I still get to sleep in a little lol. ♥

Also, I love the moon.  Last night's Supermoon was fanstastically beautiful and made me shed a few tears, which hubby laughed at, but he's used to it.  We happened to be driving right at moonrise and I had him pull over for a minute when we reached a clear spot...and just absorbed the beauty.  It was so lovely and I cannot even begin to explain how I felt.  Some of you reading this may understand, some of's ok if you shake your head lol.  I'M used to that. ;) ☽♥☾
 And finally, I'd like to wish anyone reading this a Blessed and Happy Spring!!  New beginnings, love in the air.  Take a minute to watch your trees bloom, smell the season in the air.  I wish I could post scent in a blog, for I would give you all orange blossoms and wet dirt, my favorite Springtime scents.  I'll try to figure out how to put it into words for you, the next time I'm sniffing a Springtime sunset.

Off to make the most out of getting to sleep in a little tomorrow!!

A friend of mine suggested Captain Morgan and Dr.  And, maybe a few hands of poker with the kiddos lol.

Many blessings to each of you.

Love and Moonbeams :)